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Thoughts Matter.

Today’s whack to the head is sponsored by Matthew Henry.

I’m plowing through Psalm 94 this morning, recognizing that my own personal Jesus picture is closer to Mr Rogers than the unmasked avenger described in scripture.   If you’re itchin’ for a fight (I’m not….I’m just sayin…), Psalm 94 is your buddy.  It clearly outlines a series of offenses to God with everything except footnotes to today’s news articles.

“How long will the wicked be jubilant….they oppress your inheritance, they slay the widow and the alien, they murder the fatherless…”.

Of course, I’m running through examples in my mind.  Wondering what God thinks of our immigration policy (not the closed borders so much as the deportation of people who may have been here for 20 years, separating them from family in the process).    Wondering if there’s a person more fatherless than the baby in the womb of a woman as she walks into an abortion clinic.

It’s too easy, though, to look at the offenses and differentiate between the doers and the non-doers.   Them v. us, evil v. good.   God is just as concerned with our emotions and thoughts towards these things as He is who’s handling the shackles or wielding the scalpel.   Psalm 94 goes on to say that the Lord knows the thoughts of a man….the inference is clear.  Thoughts matter, even if actions don’t necessarily follow through.

It’s not enough that you’re not actively turning away aliens from your front door.

What are you thinking about them when you see them on the street selling flowers to send a few dollars back home?

It’s not enough that you drop a buck in the offering on Right to Life Sunday.

What are you thinking about that pregnant teenager you saw in Target, buying all the wrong groceries.

Matthew Henry, in his commentary on Psalm 94, wrote “Thoughts are words to God.” What a terrifying truth.   I can often get a rein on my tongue, but my thoughts?   To change what I think means to change my own heart toward people.

God, bring our thoughts into alignment with yours, lest the words of our mind offend you or bring dispair to those you would call your inheritance.

7 Responses

  1. Nice post. Maybe we should pray “God, bring our thoughts into alignment with yours and give us the strength to turn those thoughts in to action, as, you say, faith without works is dead, lest the words of our mind, and our lack of active compassion on them offend you or bring despair to those you would call your inheritance.”

  2. Thanks for the reminder. What a powerful truth!

  3. WWJD. Who Would Jesus Deport?

    I was discussing with the LORD just this very thing a few days ago…our thoughts = the condition of our heart.

    He doesn’t look at the actions – but the condition of the heart.

    Not only in the “good” but also the “bad”.

    We can reduce abortions in America, but say “they’re OK sometimes”…what does the heart say?

    We say “I would never do it, but can not say it’s wrong for someone else…” What is the condition of the heart?

    It’s not what we do…but what we believe (think) in our heart that the LORD sees.

    You may follow all the rules and never break a commandment – but if your heart is haughty and judgmental to those who do…..

    good thought Randy….now what do we do?

  4. The Psalmist often times spoke of the battle between spirit and flesh…

    Often times he would ask, “Oh my soul…why are you so downtrodden?”…

    He would speak with his flesh “My soul glorifies the Lord”…in the midst of physical trial…to assure the alignment of flesh and spirit…..

    (fleeting post-comment thought)…

  5. Wow…so intense and real. God, purify our hearts and minds! Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall SEE GOD…

  6. […] Great Quotes From Old Dead Guys RB just wrote this terrifying little post: […]

  7. Here, Here… Man alive if we could tame our thoughts Jesus would be here by now. Love the post, it makes me cringe.

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