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The Angelic Couch Surfer

It was busy around the house tonight, with all of us getting ready for Monday and everything that a new week brings.  It was so busy that Zoe decided that she’d had enough.    Around 7pm she asked if she could watch one of her favorite videos.   We set her up on the couch with my laptop, where she sat for a while…

Then I glanced over at her to see that she’d snuggled up on top of her stuffed puppy – a new gift from her friend, Annie – and fallen fast asleep.   We were all running frazzled to and fro, and this little mocha person with the perfect hair and insistence on referring to herself as ‘she’ had sacked out right there on the couch.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to fall asleep on a couch in a room full of crazy people.  You pretty much need to know that you belong there.   She does.  I’m sure of it.

Zoe on her 2nd BirthdayI will the be the first to admit – I am whooped over this little girl.    Look at her for a minute.  Take your time.  I do.   I am convinced that she is as beautiful a creation as God ever made.

She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.  She takes no guff from her three elder brothers, and in July when she suddenly finds  – after 2 years of being the baby – that she’s the middle child of seven, will in no way go Jan Brady on us.  No, ZoBo will be in charge because she thinks she is.

When I saw her sleeping there on the couch, it took my breath away for a minute…because there are a million couches this little angel could have landed on, but she landed on ours.

I used to think that eventually, I wouldn’t reflect on the fact that we adopted her quite as often as I did at the first.   I was wrong.   I promise you, I think of it every day.   Not in the ‘you’re different…’ sense, but more in the ‘Oh Lord, what might have been…”.

I could not have been good enough to deserve this one.  And she’s asleep there on my couch.

Thank you, God, for sending us Zoe.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, yes! Thank You, Thank You for Zoe! Love that girl…

  2. She’s pretty special.

  3. Dude,
    That actually brought a tear to my eye. What will that do to my Gun Club standing? (or sitting)
    blessings to you guys. tell kelsey we are praying for her.

  4. Very sweet post Randy. You should really take the time to sit down and do a story/ scrapbook or something of the whole process from the inception of the idea to adopt to the fundraiser, to the actual adoption will all the prophetic goodies tossed in. It is a fascinating story and an encouragement to those wishing to adopt

  5. ahh… very sweet. what a blessing to read this!

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