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On Becoming Men and Women of Action

I was up late last night, blogging.  I had the post about 98% finished when Kelsey wandered out of the bedroom and down the hall.  We started talking about family and life (these conversations are now scheduled for 1am) and I set the computer aside for a few minutes.

When our discussion was over, my eyes went back to the piece I was working on…and suddenly, I saw it a little differently.

Earlier that night, I’d read an interview of a major Christian leader who, in the course of the article, said something that I found borderline heretical. Maybe not even borderline.   Maybe mainstream heretical.  Whatever the case, he said something that set off an indignation within me.  At the time, I’d have called it righteous indignation, but with some time having passed, I’m not so sure it would qualify.   Whatever the case, I took umbrage with his comment and sat down to blog it out.

Understand that my post was not remotely inflammatory towards the brother.  It clearly delineated between who he was and what he said.  It was not slanderous or overly negative in the slightest.   Nevertheless, I after letting it sit for 20 minutes and returning to it, I was nagged with the question “Why are you posting this?”.

Of course, I had my initial defense about the general poor condition of the western church, this being a prime example, and how I was drawing a line in the sand, challenging error and declaring truth.  All which was correct….but didn’t answer the question.

“Why are you posting this?”

I finally had to admit to myself that, had I not read the quote, I would never thought of blogging.   I was tweaked at what someone said – far more than I was inspired by the truth I was using to counteract his comment.  While I might have been right in principle, I couldn’t escape the fact that I was writing this in reaction to the quote, not in proactive declaration of the truth.

I hit ‘delete’ and went to bed.

Life is to short and eternity to long to waste hard drive space on reactive thoughts and writing. How jacked up is the internet if a bald, 3 earringed man with a crazy large tribe of children and a fondness for explosions and motorcycles appoints himself the voice of balanced reason?

I don’t want to be known primarily for pointing out others’ errors.  I want to generate ideas, emotions, even controversy…not sit up late at night responding to them. I want to be a man of action, not reaction.

I want to think about writing in a different way.  This is not to say I won’t quote people I disagree with or even call them on the digital carpet from time to time…but I want those posts to be the rare exception, and I want to be burning with the truth, not a reaction to their error.

God help me if I’ve got to look for someone I disagree with just so I have something to say.



10 Responses

  1. Bravo.

  2. thanks for posting this. i have realized that if i am ticked off while writing an article, then i don’t need to be writing it. lol

    cause many times, in the end, it matters more how you say something than what you say. it’s better to be righteous than right.


  3. I liked the fondness for explosions and motorcycles being a reasonable voice of balanced reason. love it.

    We are all so different, the writer is bald and has 3 earrings! but there is so much negative in the world, that we need to be promoters of greatness, pushing people to realize that they are not limited by boundaries, if we don’t change the mundane around us how will we change the major aspects of life and make a global footprint in the world.

    As Ferris famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. from the film – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


  4. …what i find endearing is that you waited for discernment (well, ok, God put kelsey up to making you wait on it…He’s like that, i experience the same thing with chaundra!)…and then God prompted you, and you eventually went with it. at least that’s what i see…and what a fitting post to follow-up the “Love Flows Out and Down” post…

    as one shaved-headed borderline crazed heretic with my own tribe of children (i call us “hurricane hamilton”!), and a fondness for my motorcycle (which i finally put into the shed for winter this past week), i appreciate the truth in love of this…

    (although sometimes we all need that deep, prophetic provocation of the finger of God doinking us upside the head!)


  5. you shouldn’t grocery shop when hungry and you shouldn’t blog when angry…

  6. I love this post. A couple of years ago I went to hear Bob Jones at Passion and Fire. He said the Lord had been speaking to him about “opinions” in the church. He said he felt like the future of the unified church was a body of believers who build each other up, even in our weakness. He was basically admonishing us to keep our opinions to ourselves, even if we felt we were right. He said air your concerns in prayer and supplication to the Lord. Anyway, I thought it was a good word and something that has stayed with me. This post nudged me to remember, thanks:)

  7. excellent. was thinking of your blog today as i listened to Allen Hood who always seems to be a man of action.
    thank you!

  8. Yeah, I know you’re right. But I really like the phrase “mainstream heretical” even if I don’t blog about it!

  9. As yet another one with a fondness for motorcycles… I’ve had this same discussion recently with several brothers. I went through my phase of needing to speak out on everything that was wrong, but after a while I just grew tired realizing I was reactionary. I pointed out everything that was wrong with everyone else, but did little to demonstrate the truth in my own ministry.
    Now I have a burden to just demonstrate the truth in the way I live and n my message and if that happens to oppose error, then so be it, but life’s too short to spend it focused on those that are “wrong”. It just saps the life out of you after a while… I want to die being known for what I was for, not what I was against.

  10. Great post. Having our own declaration of truth comes from a different place than the exposition of someone elses lie. It’s good to ask ourselves what well we are driking from.

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