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Seamless Integration of All Systems

I was helping Grayson (11) with some schoolwork the other day. He was writing a report of some sort. OK, I wasn’t helping as much as I was standing guard so he wouldn’t get distracted by his brothers, his sisters, the neighbor’s dog, the legos on the floor, the refrigerator, a house plant, or oxygen. He was at that point in his schoolwork where oxygen itself is quite the distraction.

As I watched him, all hunched over my Mac Book, I noticed a few things. First, he seems to type instinctively. I took a typing class in high school and can type pretty well, but at 11 years old, he’s probably typing at 80% of the speed I do, and using all ten fingers to do so.

Another thing that caught my eye was how many keyboard shortcuts he uses. My hand drops back to the track pad a lot. I’m not sure he used it at all. Without looking at the keyboard, he flitted between programs and open windows as if he could see each of them laying open in his head. I’m forever wondering how many blasted windows I have open and where the one is that I’m looking for.

dsc06930The piece de resistance for me was when he realized he needed to insert a verse from scripture into his project. I reached for his Bible there on the counter. Grayson, however, showing some mad Option-Apple Key-CTRL backhand tab and return skills, he pulled up the verse online, copied it and pasted it into the document. Before I had the Book open, he was on to the next thing.

Some days, 41 is the new 30. Other times it’s the new 65.


7 Responses

  1. word… i think i am going back to writing letters so at least i’ll have something new to teach my grandchildren that they don’t know.

  2. You already lost your hair so 65 isn’t really that far off 🙂

    Kids are amazing. Just imagine what those girls are going to be doing with their Mac’s!

    Merry Christmas from the North Pole ( North Pole, Alaska)

  3. Keystroke shortcuts… oh how my little heart leaps with joy.

    I have become a fan of that Grayson of yours. (We’ve never met, but TDA teachers tell great stories.) Truth be told, I even thought about going back to teaching at TDA because of his presence as a student.

    If ever they open a NightWatch equivalent of the Daniel Academy and your son enrolls, I’d teach in a heartbeat. I excel more when working directly with individual students, despite all my education… education (I am one semester of student-teaching short of teacher certification for secondary math). So tutoring might be a more favorable option, unless it involves teaching from any Jacob’s curriculum. That might be a bad idea. Jackson can confirm that. (I’m not so much into the Jacob’s approach. And I’m convinced that the Jacob’s approach isn’t a huge fan of me, either.)

    Oh… and as creepy as a declaration of my membership in your 11-year-old son’s fan club may seem… I’m really not scary! I have reason to believe that your son just uniquely provokes/creates the semblance of creepiness. And this is stated with the utmost respect. Or, perhaps, this is stated as an expression of the utmost respect.

  4. Ah, how I love the keyboard shortcuts (having an IT background). Just don’t ever install quicksilver on your mac or he’ll really embarrass you….

  5. I am embarrassed to admit that, having installed Quicksilver twice, I could never a) figure out what it was for, b) figure out how to use it, or c) get a coherent answer from any of it’s rabid fans.

  6. […] just watching his eleven-year old do an assignment on computer.   Here’s the entire post; link here if you prefer or to click on “home” and read more of Randy, who describes himself as an […]

  7. re Quicksilver, I was the same way until I spent about 20 minutes learning it. Now I’m addicted. If you have a little geek in you, you’ll probably become a rabid fan. If you’re interested, these links will get your started. Of course, if your son gets a hold of it, he’ll really embarrass you :^). (if you try it, just use the one from the original author’s website. the latest test builds crashed on my machine).




    Now, before I do anything with the mouse, I just think “could I do this with Quicksilver”?

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