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The Nature of Life on The Edge

I think everyone likes the idea of being a little edgy.  At least, I don’t find many people who glory in being centrists.  The glory is out there on the outside.  That’s where the limelight is.  No one in the middle of a movement writes the books, preaches the sermons or gets invited to all the good conferences.  It’s always the edgy ones – the ones who are charting the course for the movement…so we all like to think of life on the edge.

John the Baptist lived life on the edge.  I don’t think he actually chose it.  I’m not sure he was event cognizant of it at the moment, what with the conference circuit being so poorly developed in those days.

If we use John as the pattern, life on the edge loses some of it’s appeal.  Yes, he could draw a crowd.  He managed to irritate them almost every time though.    Yes, he came from a rich heritage of ministry…of course, he turned his back on most all the benefits of it.  No snazzy ephod for John, though, and no roasted meat from the offerings.   Itchy camels’ hair toga with a side of bugs, served animal style, no doubt.

John wasn’t trying to be edgy. He just found himself out there because there was no room for someone like him in the crowd.   Misfits of the world, rejoice.  The edge belongs to you. Granted it’s lonely, but it’s there, and no one is fighting you for it.

Even in the raging face of adversity, the appeal of the edge is undeniable….

  • To hear what God is saying to a generation and to serve as a trumpet for that message.
  • To stand with one foot on what is and another planted on what will be, reaching to pull others across the gap and into the fullness of God.
  • To know it will probably cost you your head, but you’ll be screaming truth when the blade drops, and the powers that be will have unwittingly helped to unleashed a revolution of love that culminates in Jesus Himself vindicating all you’ve given yourself to.

Life in the center of the pack seems more distasteful every day.   Fight to make a path away from the center and head to the edge at any cost.

5 Responses

  1. you used In-n-out as a reference for John’s style of eating? That’s pretty out there.

  2. Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of this today! Thanks for being such a constant source of encouragement!

  3. incredible bro.

    Lets live it like people are depending on us…

  4. Very good stuff. We all want to think we’re on the “edge” when we’re typically, at best, just on the front end of the next trend. We desperately want to be on the “new” thing before everyone else we know but don’t go until there’s enough people there to affirm us.

    Thanks for the reminder of what it really means to pursue an edge of the eternal kind.

  5. I actually really needed to read this today. Thanks!

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