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    updated 8.29.11

    We do what we do as missionaries supported by people like you.

    We also prefer to give away as much content as we can, and not cloud that issue with a lot of public requests. That said, we do have specific needs that are met by people who believe the work we do has value.

    If you'd like a short list of immediate financial needs, you can find it HERE.


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    • Uh...you do know it doesn't matter anymore, right? twitter.com/kmbc/status/89… 11 hours ago
    • The second week of our series', MADE FOR, is posted on iTunes. >> itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hil… 16 hours ago
    • I understand Liberty grads expressing anger, but mailing back a diploma is only powerful if you quit the job you got with the degree. 17 hours ago
    • Does anyone know what time the eclipse is? I’ve been in Target getting a few things and I don’t want to miss it. 19 hours ago
    • I can’t tell if that’s a thunderstorm or we’re taking fire. 1 day ago
    • Arguments with furniture are rarely productive. -- Kehlog Albran / These are gems that I find in my inbox from @stevesjogren ! 1 day ago
    • Just realized I missed opportunity of a lifetime to preach on the depravity of man and titled it "the path of totality". Maybe next time. 1 day ago
    • Just read the organizers of the Eclipse failed to get a permit. So many disappointed people. 1 day ago

A rare youtube link

I very rarely post odd youtube videos, but this is so true that it cannot be ignored. It’s also a little painful when you recognize yourself.

I have no idea who this guy is, but you’re only laughing because you see yourself. Two profundities – “everything is amazing, but nobody is happy….” and “…used to be, if you ran out of money, you couldn’t do any more things…”.

Via MondayMorningInsight.com


5 Responses

  1. So true! We (in the modernized enlightened world) take so much for granted…actually, I wonder if we could say there is so much that we’re used to we don’t even take it for granted anymore. We’re “entitled” to it.

    I don’t know who that guy is either.

    Reminds me of my perspective post a little while ago. I’d like to hear what y’all think – please comment 🙂

  2. haha “You’re sitting in a chair, in the sky!”

    That was great Randy!

  3. It’s Louis CK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_CK)

    …he’s probably never had a better and more profound 5 minutes than those captured that night on Conan. Thanks for posting this one!

  4. i don’t think i’ve laughed so hard at comedic material since i saw jerry seinfeld spend 10 minutes on vacuuming and how we pick up lint the vacuum doesn’t get and throw it back down to try again … you were right … it is hilarious because it is SO true!! and its not just cause i’m “old.” i was talking to my girls high school bible study the other night about how my sons, who are 14/12 years older than their adopted sister, now 19, were so excited to get to use a bag phone in the family car for emergencies only. they all go, “what’s a bag phone??” quickly followed by “NO WAY!” thanks for the laugh … its been a tough day down on the farm.

  5. That’s probably the only conversation that he didn’t use unspeakable words interspersed in his sentences. Funny stuff, yet true

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