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Driving Across Florida…

We spent the morning with the good folks of Coast Community Church this morning.  They had us tell a quick version of our adoption story, which I’m realizing takes longer to tell than it actually took to happen.  Afterwords we hung out with Robert Pooley and some of his team for a great Mexican dinner.  Robert and I realized we knew all the same cool people.

After eating, we climbed in the rental and drove east on I-10, also known in marketing circles as The Land Starbucks Forgot.   I left Gulf Breeze thinking “I’ll grab a coffee in an exit or two.”  Three hours later, I’m in Tallahassee and still haven’t had coffee.
Tomorrow morning we meet our lawyer.   It makes me feel like a rock star to have a lawyer named Madonna.  It also conjures up quite  a mental picture, so I’ll be sure and fill you in.
Actually, carrying these girls around is enough to make one feel like a rock star.  They gather more attention than Bono at a refuge camp.    The favorite comments so far are “Are they twins?” and (muttered under their breath in reference to Kelsey….) “Look at her – already in her jeans.  Makes me sick!”.”

7 Responses

  1. I have an endocrinologist named Madonna. It’s the one reason I don’t hate going to the doctor’s office. 🙂

  2. Wait till people tell you they look just like you… I love that… We loved hanging out with you guys today… it was an honor and a blessing.

  3. How dare her “be in her jeans” already… 😉

  4. We have a great adoption law firm in Thomasville, GA, 35 minutes north of Tallahassee. Any chance that’s who you’re using?

  5. Hold onto your hats! You are wild and I love it. Madonna is the perfect ending to this story. You sound like us. We drove all over Kansas, staying with different people going to court and what not. Not we have landed in Lenexa. Steven and I are still waiting on ICPC. We laughed wondering if you would get into MO. before us. I am so happy for you, and Randy I think they do resemble you a little. 😉

  6. It was so cool having you there Sunday morning with the girls!
    You could’ve taken the whole service to tell the story and everyone would have been fine with it.

  7. Oh man! This is some of the coolest news EVER. How is it that even through sleep deprivation you guys are still witty at laughing? I love it. You guys inspire us and reflect God’s glory in all you do – soo cool man! Well, I logged on to tag ya to see you guys wanted to grab a cup of joe… but it looks like time may be kind hard to find. I’ll email you in a few weeks, until then – please let me know if we can help in any way. REALLY! Sharona and Cap will be out here next week, too.

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