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Meet the girls….

Dear friends, if you’ve not been following the twitternado that we’ve been posting, then you don’t know that we have expanded our family.

We have been praying about adoption for some time and twins have been on our heart for years, so yesterday, when I received a blog comment from someone who said their sister in law just had twins and wanted to give them up for adoption, we went into hypersonic mode.

It was literally a race against time to get the children adopted before they went into state care, except they were in another state – Florida! By 10:30pm we were in New Orleans, renting a car and racing towards Pensacola. We checked into a hotel at 3AM and were at the hospital by 8:30AM to meet with the birth mom.

Mid-afternoon, she relinquished her rights and our attorney helped us walk the rest out with the hospital. We left the hospital with our girls around 4pm. In between there some where we bought two car seats, a couple of blankets and a pack of diapers. Remember, we didn’t plan on doing this. At least not this week.

We still need prayer – we’re tired and now have TWO NEWBORNS! Sorry. I giggle a lot when I say that. We also need to pay for these dolls. They were significantly cheaper than our last adoption, but with travel will run into the $15k range.

THANK YOU for all of those who have contributed so generously – we are truly humbled. You are playing a part of this crazy revolution. Feast your eyes, peeps.


26 Responses

  1. I am just giddy for you guys, and somehow a little jealous, too! 😀

    We were praying for you with every new twitter entry….Even so early in the morning!
    As for names…you could always go with the “inspirationally themed” ones that relate to how the twins came about.
    Providence and favor?

  3. My heart is filled with wonder as I read your post and saw your children. Randy what a POWERFUL testimony of the heart of God, the lengths He goes to redeem us, to bring us in and lavish love on us. And such an encouragement to all those who want to adopt, I’m so excited for you two!

  4. They are SO wonderful! Congratulations!

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months! This is incredible! Amazing. I can’t hardly stand it…so awesome. Thank You Lord Jesus!

    Prayin’ for you ALL!

  6. Awesome ! Congratultions !
    Twins on the anniversary of IHOP . Hmmmmm…

  7. YEAH!
    I’m beyond excited!

  8. Wow……they are seriously too beautiful for words. I’ve been feeling kinda weepy (in a good way) all day today at God’s goodness and that picture just wants to do me in all over again. They are so lovely – what a miracle and testimony of God’s love and tenderness that He would bring these two girls into such an amazing family and to a house of prayer at this time in history!

  9. WOW! They are beautiful! I cannot wait to meet them! Praise the Lord…just think how He’s planned for them to be yours from forever…and you only found out about it today! =)

  10. Beautiful…just beautiful. God is so good!

  11. Ha! We knew that the Bohlenders were wild and crazy! How wonderful! Enjoy the girls…and now it’s even! Three of each! The Solomon family says that ‘girls rule’!

  12. Also, Angela is a great name for a caucasian/asian baby!

  13. YAY!!!

  14. some how, these people saw pics before me!!! That disturbs me

    – Your Favorite Son

  15. How is it that you got two babies before us?!?! We are so happy for you guys. Hopefully we are not far behind:)

  16. WOW. I mean. WOW. God is freaking amazing. Randy, you look like your face is gonna expode your so happy and Kelsey can’t stop giggling!

    This is awesome!

    I’m so stoked for you guys!

  17. Try the website http://www.babynameworld.com. There are many categories to pick from including Asian & Christian. I was looking through and I like Amari-meaning miracle from God, Amariah or Amarisa-given by god and Aaliyah-great gift from god. I can't believe you now have 6 kids. Keep it up and you'll beat Grandma! She must be smiling ear to ear right now. Congratulations!
    Gayle Campion

  18. CONGRATS to the Gun Club President!

  19. Absolutely AMAZING! They are beautiful! I am definitely coming to KC next weekend and would love to meet them in person!

    We love you all so much and can’t wait to get our home study done to join this exhilarating ride!

    Jennifer K

  20. Congrats Congrats CONGRATS!!! Huge double blessing!

  21. All I have to say is I’m first in line to become Auntie Sarah 🙂 You have no idea what this is doing to my own heart seeing two Asian twins right before my eyes. Come home soon!!! Love you guys, im here to help!

  22. Congratulations on stepping into a new chapter of God’s amazing story.

    It blows my mind when I think of all those people out there who think God is silent, that God is not doing things, or that God somehow doesn’t exist. Thank you for a reminder that our powerful, beautiful Jesus is moving through this land.

  23. this is so awesome…wait I’ll say it again [with some awe]: this is soo aawwweesome!!! Glory to God.

  24. i second that giddy feeling. i am almost crying just thinking about the feeling of holding a new baby..and you have 2…. its like they are fresh from heaven. you must be in heaven too!! yay God! congratulations.
    -carla thompson

  25. are you going to need a babysitter any time soon

  26. Yay! They’re so beautiful. you may not be crying yet, but you’re video sure made me tear up.

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