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Who had this idea anyway?

I’m always interested in how groups make decisions, primarily because of my conviction that the more people involved in a decision or a process, the more opportunity there is to really goof it up.

Yesterday, I went into the restroom at the Baltimore airport. It was your average airport restroom. Tile everywhere, music playing and a lot of men trying to juggle their carry-ons. Then I saw something that was obviously a group decision.

On a shelf above the urinal, there sat a nice vase with fresh flowers. Yes, fresh flowers. In the men’s room of the airport. It wasn’t quite a breath of fresh air, but it certainly did add a touch of elegance to the place….then I saw the sticker on the wall below the flowers.

Just under the shelf was a 3×5 sticker, black with white letters, that said “AIRPORT PROPERTY – DO NOT TAKE.”

I did a double take. Exactly what committee was so acutely aware of aesthetics that they decided to put flowers in the john, yet so distrusting of the human psyche that they needed to apply a sticker that said, in essence…”enjoy the flowers, you thief! We want you to have a pleasant experience, but just between you, me and the urinal, we figure you’re going to rip us off.”

Sometimes, the solution is worse than the problem was to begin with.


6 Responses

  1. Please tell me those flowers weren’t peonies…

  2. Only in America…

  3. “the more people involved in a decision or a process, the more opportunity there is to really goof it up.” — that is possibly one of the truest statements I have ever heard in my life.

  4. *sigh* I always enjoy a good laugh. Thank you.

  5. Wow- your post really helped clear up some confusion. You see, by the “AIRPORT PROPERTY-DO NOT TAKE” sign in the women’s restroom there is…. nothing. I even heard a woman say to her friend, “do they think we’re going to take the counter?”

    Apparently they need a security guard in addition to the sign in the women’s restroom…

  6. Anna – this says a lot about the difference in the sexes.

    And why the line is so long for the ladies room.

    Free flowers to the first few customers.

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