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    updated 8.29.11

    We do what we do as missionaries supported by people like you.

    We also prefer to give away as much content as we can, and not cloud that issue with a lot of public requests. That said, we do have specific needs that are met by people who believe the work we do has value.

    If you'd like a short list of immediate financial needs, you can find it HERE.


    Note: This will be updated regularly

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In the "This Doesn’t Seem Right" Department.

Kelsey and I are in different churches this morning – I’m teaching and she’s giving a 10 minute update to a church that has been supportive of our work. Because of this, we’re in different spots…

She’s at their early service.

I’m sitting in a leather chair at Caribou Coffee, feet propped up on a muskrat ottoman, scarfing a cinnamon role and knocking back a large Depth Charge, because my one service doesn’t start for quite a while

If the Rule of Fairness kicks in, I’m going to pay for this….


2 Responses

  1. What’s a cinnamon role? anything to do with the spice girls?

  2. Spice girls do not have cinnamon rolls.

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