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Randomonium – In Town for Now Edition

I’m at the kitchen table at the Casa De la Call, where a variety of twenty somethings scurry about in prep for TheCall DC August 16th…and Ferrill, who just blew a kitchen breaker and is hunting for the breaker box.

It’s been a writing day, finishing an article for a new leadership magazine from the folks at Relevant. It was from this article that I earlier twittered the thought “I’d like to see a cage match between Bono and William Booth.” That exact quote is not in the article, but it was certainly part of the creative process. Sometimes you have to say some whack stuff to hit the nail on the head later.

I also posted to Luke18 after a long gap of time. I’d actually written the L18 thing some time back but it finally hit the web. It was difficult to do much of anything in the way of posting from DC because the interwebs there are controlled by the government, which is to say they don’t much work.

Getting more and more jazzed about being at SOS as the week progresses. I’m tackling the three key parts of Job, out of order, because once I’m up there talking I can say pretty much whatever want. Part One, Part Three, Part Two. Amen, let’s all get low.


3 Responses

  1. Do you mean Joel? Cuz that’s a whole different deal…..kind of.

  2. I was using the streetnuciation. Back me up, girl.

    Whoops. Joel.

  3. Hey Randy

    Nice to see two of my heroes – Bono & William Booth – getting a mention in the same breath.



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