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This is fascinating. Or frightening. I need more clarity.

According to a 72 question test on Facebook, I’m a lot like David Sliker, except for two categories where I actually seem to outsliker him.

Pause for contemplation. Did anyone else see this coming?


5 Responses

  1. Faaaaaantastic!

    You should get a new profile picture for your blog. I’m thinking something along the lines of an intense stare into the camera with a slight smirk?

    Let’s hang out and finish each other’s sentences sometime! I’ll bring the nail polish.

  2. What’s weirder is that you and me and dave apparently are companions? (I guess that means we’d get along well without annoying each other?)…

    Eh. Dunno… 😉

  3. I didn’t see it coming, but I suppose I would’ve seen the signs if I’d thought about it.

    Scoring higher in an area doesn’t actually mean you’re better in that area, it just means you’re more comfortable. That said, I actually out Sliker the Slike in 3 areas: Introversion, intuitiveness, and thinking.

  4. …and having introduced the verb ‘outsliker’ into the webtionary without being challenged, I have now achieved blog rock star status….

  5. Can we get a clear, concise, well written, easy to understand, definition of outsliker.

    David, being the multifaceted man that he is, cannot, should not, be boxed into a, well, box. To say that you “outslikered” your opponent in the quantum physics bowl will bring blank, “huh?” stares (kind of like this comment). However, to say that you outslikered the barista at Starbucks when you ordered your own special drink with more syllables than a Webster’s dictionary, that will get the nod and elevate you into a whole new level of appreciativeness.

    I think a focus group and coffee are in order here.

    Rock on, Randy!

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