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    • Idea: instagram-like app that posts photos from your phone at random. You don’t get to choose. We’ll see whose life is perfect NOW... 2 hours ago
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    • This is flat out brilliant and sad at the same time. Wow. twitter.com/justjosh_ingya… 3 hours ago
    • Tremendously excited to preach tomorrow from the Psalms regarding what we can anticipate in days to come. He exceeds our imagination. 8 hours ago
    • RT @netanyahu: The PLO mission in Colombia tweeted a Yasser Arafat quote: "Our goal is the end of Israel...We don't want peace. We want war… 23 hours ago
    • Ice cream is not a human right issue. Some may disagree. 1 day ago
    • What’s better than the awkward stare down between strangers when you’re meeting someone for lunch but you don’t know what they look like. 1 day ago
    • For some reason, when Siri autofills my name in text messages it’s in ALL CAPS which seems to exaggerate my importance. 1 day ago

The next great singer/songwriter of our time…

Ok, I would love to give this some intro, but frankly, the song says it all.

I will only say that ZB finished the ballad within fifteen minutes of the event actually taking place, and having been there, I can assure you his account is accurate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen the future of rock and roll, and it is Zion Bohlender.


12 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is great!

    Everything went KABUSH! LOL

  2. What a fun kid! I think I still have a sound file of his ‘Enemy go away’ song classic somewhere as well.

  3. The family must be feeling better. What a great songwriter! I like a minimum of chords in a song.

  4. @esther – re: minimum of chords: he was very impressionable when we attended the Vineyard…


    Robbie Reider, if you ever find this, I LOVE you, man! Let’s go back to Burning Man!

  5. Love it!

  6. A prophetic Hank Williams the fourth for sure!

  7. Hank Williams…I was thinking more Bob Dylan in his early years. Bob was known to tell a story or two in song as well. Never used the word “KABUSH” though 🙂

  8. LOL!

    He’s like a cross between Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and Lou Engle (you know, with the raw, story telling element)….

  9. that was incredible, i watched it twice. very bob dylan.

  10. What exactly does Kabush mean?

  11. @Danie – Kabush is….well, it’s…. uhm. Hard to explain, but when everything goes kabush, it’s hard to miss.

  12. WOW! And she cried out “You broke the tire swing” and he cried out”I di dnot. Every thing went CAPLUESH!

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