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Irritating by Design

I am a fan of Southwest Airlines. They’re inexpensive, fairly efficient, and they don’t take themselves too seriously (although upon further reflection, I’m not sure I am comforted by that third one…). Unfortunately, they have dorked something up.

At the KC airport, they’ve installed these funky little charging station/laptop bars. Anyone who’s ever wandered a terminal looking for a place to plug in says “Amen.” They went further by bolting stools to the floor at the bar so you can sit, charge and surf….except that the stools are shorter than they should be to use the thing in any comfort. I’m sitting sideways with this hulk of a powerbook on my knees because if I put it on the counter top, it’s about at my collarbone level.

Before someone comments on the obvious, I realize there may be others who this works for just fine (the nephilim and such), but for the rest of us, to discover this nifty little perk, only to have it nearly impossible to use is irritating. And someone chose this height on purpose….

Could they have done this to keep people from sitting too long at the bar? I suspect so.


2 Responses

  1. If you’re at the airport, perhaps you use your carry-on bag as a kind of booster…

    Okay, maybe not.

    Seeing as how I’m vertically challenged, I’ve long ago put away thoughts of looking silly in order to gain a few inches… *hehe*

  2. I was expecting the Nephilim link to lead to Adam McArthur’s site.

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