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Randomonium 11.14.07

I’ve been playing Mr. Mom for a few days. We returned from Cinci late Monday evening and Kelsey flew to DC at noon on Tuesday, where she’s scouting the land and attending a meeting of prayer leaders, politicians and business leaders. She called me last night as she drove past the White House and again today, as she went to eat Cosi bread. She’s got an ornery streak. And she blogged again….

As I get Zion to sleep, Jackson is out in the kitchen making his famous cookies. The boy can flat out make cookies in an amazing way. For this, oh Lord, we thank thee….

I’ve been on a kick to tidy up my digital life as well as develop some smoother scheduling practices. This, along with a busy team necessitate an online calendar that can be altered by an assistant. Enter Google Calendar. My only problem was I’m a diehard iCal fan, and iCal syncs with the Blackberry. Until now, there was no way to get Google Calendar and iCal to talk.

Enter SpanningSync. This little piece of digital lovin’ syncs – you guessed it – Google Calendar and iCal. Now I can kick an email to the Wonder Assistant and ask her to schedule something – she can look at my Google Calendar and set up the meeting. Every 30 minutes my powerbook automatically syncs Google and iCal. Once or twice a day I sync iCal and the Blackberry. BOOM. It’s a beautiful thing.

Ok, it’s hard to defend a $32,000 VW Rabbit that weighs 3,400 lbs and gets 18mpg. But it’s also hard to catch it. I want one. Plus, it’s got 4wd. Good for the snow. 🙂

And, in the news….

Mysterious ape sightings are bringing excitement to a sleepy Florida town. Ha. I’ll tell you what happened. Sasquatch retired to Florida to play golf, that’s what. Obviously, the Abominable Snowman will not follow.


3 Responses

  1. I’m using the Spanning Sync, too! In the exercise of trying to use the Mac side instead of the Windows side of my new Mac, I decided to use the iCal and found the Sync program works great with Google Calendar. Alas, I don’t have a Blackberry. Sigh.

  2. Ok. You have got to show me how to use google calendar w/ ical and then sync it to my blackberry.

  3. what do you do to sync it with your blackberry? help a brother out!

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