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be warned

With Pat Robertson’s apparent plans of endorsing Rudy Guiliani, I am about to start my cyclical political ranting.

I am only posting this to give the more squeemish among you an opportunity to unsubscribe if you feel you must.


12 Responses

  1. i hope you’re typing it up right now.

  2. Arg. I just read the article at Breitbart. I feel nauseous. Who is willing to take a stand for righteousness, even among the so-called righteous?

  3. Whew! Though I might be th only one.

    Ready to read!

  4. HUCKABEE!!!!!!!!

  5. For real? I might have to join in the Pat-bashing for this one! 🙂 CBB

  6. Proof yet again that the end is near… Rant away my friend.

  7. Bring it on.

  8. I endorse your non-endorsement

  9. thank heavens- someone needs to start speaking truth.

  10. LOL. As soon as/if Huckabee becomes someone with a legitimate shot in a poll, he will probably switch. Also, has Robertson ACTUALLY said this, or is it rumour?

    Advocating for someone without a serious opportunity is hard, and it can be a waste of time and effort.

    Im not saying I agree wholeheratedly with Pat, but I do understand the dilemma. do you want Hillary/Obama, or Rudy?

    We are back to the lesser of 2 evils proposition…

    Part of me wants it to happen just to read Ranting Randy.

  11. Does this mean you are back in the running?

  12. my bad, he really did do it. Al I had read abotu until that point was rumours.

    Gosh that was a hard call. I jsut hope there is more to this than we see. I can see the logic in the natural mnd, but I confess I dont have a clue if it is God led or not.

    I would jump to say it isnt, but I have been so wrong before! Ugghhhh

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