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From the "Leave Well Enough Alone" Department.

I was so pleased with my Ubuntu install on my wretched windows desktop that I came home with Ubuntu Fever. It so improved the use of my desktop that I started looking for things to put Ubuntu on. I put it on the toaster and it started popping out open source panini’s. After installing Ubuntu on the coffee maker, it started making lattes better than the ones at the BP. I was about to install it on the neighbor’s dog when my eyes fell on the one thing you might think safe from conversion. A Mac.

Yes, I downloaded Ubuntu onto (say that 3 times fast) our old eMac. I moved it to an external hard drive and tried to boot into it from there by changing the OS X boot settings to make the computer look on the external first. It failed miserably. When booting up, all I got was this blinking disky thing, mocking me. “Dork….dork….dork” it blinked.

I tried rebooting. “Dork….Dork….Dork.” I tried to Option Boot. “Dork.” I tried speaking in tongues. “Shundai, Dork….”. Nothing. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of mockery, pfffft, the computer kicked over to the Hard Drive and booted OS X slick as Grandpa’s bald head.

Do you know what this means? Steve Jobs knew I would jack this up and preprogrammed a fix for me. He cares. He really does. Ask anyone who spent too much for an iPhone. Steve cares.


4 Responses

  1. If I remember correctly, to install Linux on a Mac you need to download and burn a PowerPC Mac version of Ubuntu, hold C to boot off it (and if that doesn’t work, hold down Cmd-Opt-Shift-Delete), and then install it, it should be pretty much the same as the PC version. If anything goes wrong, Ubuntu has great community support.

  2. Yeah, I would almost guarantee it’s because of the processor architecture. The PowerPC version is at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/feisty/release/

  3. Wow. Huh? (That’s a statement indicating I’m impressed by your knowledge, followed by a question indicating I didn’t understand a thing you just said). So since you’re definitely Tech Genius (compared to me), maybe you’d write a blog explaining all the video link now-options on the prayer room webstream page! What in the world?! I guess options are good, if one can understand what they are…

  4. “that 3 times fast”
    I obey.

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