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Now there’s a selling point…

So we’re hunting for a place to go on vacation in one of the rare weeks we can before all lunacy breaks out. Did I mention we don’t really have the money to go, so we’re hunting deals? And so is everyone else. So I’m finding a lot of junk, but this listing stood :

“This romantic cabin sits on an acre, semi private lot and is within walking distance to a liquor store…”

Nothing says romance like a walk to the liquor store.


7 Responses

  1. You sure that’s not the duplex next to IHOP? Was it the left side or the right?

  2. Painful as it might be to hear, Shawn, it was in Colorado! 🙂

  3. Randy, let me translate for you
    “cabin”- shack with rust covered plumbing
    semi private lot= “there are 6 double wide trailers surrounding your cabin, festooned with plastic flamingoes and wind chimes made of budweiser cans
    “walking distance to the liquor store”- fall out of bed and you are on the front steps.

  4. Haha. Reminds me of the hotel in a city I used to live in that was a hotel and gas station and bait shop.

    High quality accommodations, that.

  5. I did an internship in rural Kansas (how’s that for redundant) and ate lunch five days a week at Del’s Chicken and Muffler.

    The locals let me sit at the big round table with the rest of them once they heard I was a farm kid.

  6. Oh, so you’re blogging again eh? Sad I’m just now finding out….

    Glad to see you are back up and running though…. missed ya!

  7. I have a quick story concerning cabins. My wife and I met at Brides for the Nations in Dallas…er…I meant Christ For the Nations. Anyways, we were on a tight budget so we really had to scrap for our honeymoon. Aneta was VERY close to “Momma” Lindsay the co-founder of the school. Mooma’s relatives in Oregon took a liking to Aneta the previous year and offered to help us. They arranged for us to stay one week at Cannon Beach (think Goonies the movie) and another week in their cabin in the mountains. However, this cabin surpassed my wildest expectations! It was a cabin of your dreams: hardwood floors, clean bathrooms, all appliances, 60 feet from the flowing, serene stream in the back. It resembled something Adam probably had in the Garden of Eden—paradise!

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