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It seems the news is not all that it seems…

It’s been a weird weekend for news….one in which things came to light that either radically change the storyline or put an unimaginably bizarre twist to things. Two examples…

Last week, there were a ton of news stories about 11 year old Jamison Stone who shot a wild pig in Alabama. That alone is interesting – even more so that the hog weighed in at over 1,000 lbs. Today, the rest of the story surfaces: The 1,000 lb wild hog had been a 1,000 lb farm pig only four days earlier.

It turns out that the pig’s former owner had quite the conundrum. At that weight, the hog was not useful for either butchering or breeding. Large animals like that just don’t taste very good, and as for breeding, well…even sows have some sort of preferences, and Fred the Pig didn’t fall into the Highly Desirable Category….so they released Fred to a hunting reserve.

Rather than shooting a wild pig in the backwoods of Alabama, Jamison actually shot a farm pig on a 150 acre fenced hunting preserve. For those of you without great spatial imaginations, 150 acres is little less than a quarter mile by half mile. The question of the hour is not “How did he do it?” but rather “Could he have missed?” In a fenced 150 acres, I could have hit that pig with a shopping cart.

By the way, Jamison’s dad did the logical thing. He immediately registered monsterpig.com and tossed up a website.

Second example – and I’ll keep it brief…this guy who flew back from Europe with TB, seemingly unaware that he was a risk to his fellow passengers. Does anyone else find it interesting that he is a personal injury lawyer, OR his new father in law is a research scientist with the Center for Disease Control?

You cannot make this stuff up.


5 Responses

  1. This explains why the gun club was dissolved.

    Hey, whad they do with all that bacon? 1,000 lbs of bacon sounds good right about day 7!

  2. The TB flyer’s father-in-law is not only a microbiologist with the CDC… he’s a microbiologist who just happens to specialize in the spread of TB!!!

  3. @Andrew – I read that too but couldn’t find the link to substantiate it in a hurry.

    This guy is either part of some elaborate, evil experiment or about to be dubbed the dumbest son in law since Archie Bunker’s Meat Head.

  4. But if the news isnt the news, then eve then whole story isnt the whole story.

    This is a connundrum based on a dilemma propagated by a paradox.

    I dont know who to beleive, and I read it here first folks!

  5. But Randy, Jamison was my hero….

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