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Beyond Scooterism

Since noting the death of the blogging craze and acknowledging the arrival of Scooter-mania, I’ve pondered what the next wave to hit the shores of IHOP might be. I am now here to announce it, and of course, take full credit.

Beyond blogging, sans scooters, IHOP is about to be over run by Blackberry users.

New users spotted yesterday: Lenny LaGuardia and Phil Weiler, although it should be noted that Phil’s model is the suretype keyboard equipped Pearl model, designed to be slim enough to….uh, fit in your purse. QWERTY rules, say Lenny and I.

Anyone else seen sporting a Crackberry on the missions base?


9 Responses

  1. Although we are quite disappointed in Phil’s refusal to join Verizon like the REST of the onething team…. we’ve already noticed the increase of emails and him talking to us a lot less. (ex: he’s at home with family…. and I just got 1 email and two text message emails)

    So sad…. maybe we should hide the Crackberry? 🙂

  2. I suspect that Ryan Meeghan has one as well…

  3. Ahhhh. I think I might disagree with you on this one. I do not think the trend will catch much momentum.

  4. This is one girl who will not be sporting a Blackberry any time soon. I was quite overwhelmed trying to make head or tails out of those things with the four of you guys in the onething office…

    Maybe I’ll just try to pass myself off as cool and counter-cultural by stubbornly clinging to my flip phone.

  5. @Amanda…uh, just 3 of us. Dwayne didn’t have one. HA! HA! Sorry.

  6. ANOTHER ADDICT: Josh Motlong spotted typing furioiusly with his thumbs. Yep, he can spot a trend (unlike Steeno). Josh is sportin’ the 8800 (that’s one of the big ones, Phil…).

  7. what kind do you have, Randy? You said it has the QWERTY keyboard…

  8. I sport the fashionably black 8700.

  9. All this jealousy could not be left to simmer.
    Randy – It’s a hand bag.
    Joanna – I’ll see you on the light side soon.

    Also less then 2 weeks till the iphone.

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