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Morning Zombie Call

I got a strange picture in my head while reading the word this morning…part eschatological revolution, part Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.   Steeples with zombies staggering towards them….

In Revelation 3, the angel directs John to write to a body of believers in Sardis “….you have a reputation of being alive, yet you are dead.”.

To have a reputation of being alive and yet being dead on the inside – to be a zombie of sorts, as my friend Steve says – is to stumble through life bearing the burden of keeping up appearances and completely lacking the energy or joy that would come from actually living it for real.   It brings to mind the 80′s one (or two) hit wonder band, The Hooters, singing All You Zombies, hide your faces…

There is a very specific misery endured by those who profess one thing and practice another.

Sometimes I think this is why congregations look so somber on Sundays.   It is a sobering thing to go to meet with God having not reflected His character to others in the time since you last met.   Seems like the worst of both worlds to me.

Today is a good day to bring character into alignment with reputation.    What area of your life appears to be all together yet is secretly falling apart?   What one habit, weakness, or shortcoming do you find yourself covering up, mortified that the truth be told?

Psalm 32 says (paraphrased) “Happy is the man whose sins are forgiven.”   When was the last time you were really happy in relation to meeting with God?   Today could be the next time.

Arise, zombies, and shake off the chains. (1st Book of Randy)

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2 Responses

  1. The letter to the church of Sardis has always scared the daylights out of me (in, I guess, a good way). It’s a terrifying picture, and it is far too easy for me to see myself falling among the zombified.

    Thanks for the ever-needed reminder.
    (If you get two of these posts, I apologize, WP just freaked out at me…)

  2. good word.

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